Friday, August 25, 2017


They say that holding on to the past
is like tying a corpse
to your back and taking it along
with you
wherever you go,
the stench horrible,
people around you hold their noses
and avoid you like

the proverbial plague.
(A radio DJ spouts such
words of wisdom
between Beyonce’s song
about replacing her lover
and a commercial for detergents)

Driving in rush hour traffic
with a knot of grief
in my throat
I believe he’s speaking
just to me.
So I’m thinking
I should let memory die
let loving you go
imagine the maggots surface
white and thick and sticky
from the depths of  your eyes
I drowned in once
and try to hold in my hands
the crumbling flesh
of your once-loved body
as it falls
the skeleton of
your devotion
I should untie you
from the back of my heart
dig a hole in the dark deep
night of my past
and bury you,
kisses and all.

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