Sunday, May 27, 2012

Search Engine

I wasn’t searching for you
Or anyone
I had long since
Unfound  love.
Until I found you
And  you became indispensable
Like Google.
and You tube
those that leave us wondering
How we had lived before.
But unlike the search engines
Or even Wiki
You couldn't stay long

So I guess I better get used
to the dictionary.

The yellow pages too
Might just  have to do.

(February 2012)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kolkata - 2

Kolkota, March 2012

On the street
In Kolkata
The busescarslorriestruckscowstractorsminivans
Compete for space
Diagonally head on side by side
And the heat and dust
Choke you
Drivers curse at pedestrians and 
vehicles glare at each other
and you journey on
In spite of.

A small fish falls from an open truck
Full of still-live fish
On to the hot tarred road

From a kind of frying pan
To a kind of fire

And for a moment the serious faces
Scrunched up in the struggle for space
Relax, laugh,
Point at the strange small piece of life
Still trying  to live
In spite of.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kolkata -1

Swaying  ratsnakes mate
Two dancers creating life
On the dying grass

Sunday, May 6, 2012


(Translation of Liyanage Amarakeerthi's poem ඇයි මේ from his collection එකමත් එක පිටරටක with apologies to the author for the shortcomings)
I understand,
Oh Earth
that I offended the river
the day we voted for that villain
In fact I thought you would be
when we voted for that
capitalist scoundrel
who broke the land into tiny bits
and sold it

I knew, almost instinctively,
that things would not be good the day
we voted for that crook who turned paddy fields
into real estate

I felt it, I felt it, believe me, mother
I felt it even in the wind, that the
trees were grieving
the day we voted for that
loser who destroyed
the forests for timber
Oh mother, I know
but what I cannot understand is
why you drowned our little hut
in the swirling waters of your rage
We only voted for those liars
because we were afraid
they would abduct our son
do unspeakable things
to our daughter.

Why, oh why did you crash into
the hill screaming and vengeful
and sweep away my children
while I was away toiling
so I could feed them?

And why did you spare me
is it so I could bear witness
and tear out my eyes?
Didn't you know that those two,
my little ones,
they were not yet even old enough

to vote?