Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Letter to a Disappeared One.

I have a house here.
It is made of tin
but  shelters me
from the sun.
But I only need to know if
you are dead or alive and may return.
The children ask me
when.  To the eldest I say

I do not know.
To the younger son
I do not reply.
His arms are too small
to carry broken things.
Sometimes your sons

forget and laugh.
The eldest has your smile.
The barbed wire is
shiny and new here
the sky is as blue as
the day before you went missing
and my world has shrunk
to the one thought
of finding you.

The daughter you've never
seen is gentle like you
but also has your sharp temper.
She has learnt to sing lullabies
to the neighbor's baby.

Your mother has stopped talking!
Can you remember
how I used to complain
that she never stopped her chatter?
Her silence
is heavy like the stones I carry
at the construction site
where since the war is over,
a tourist hotel
is coming up.

Now I pray
to a god I never believed in
to just send me a sign
that you are somewhere alive:
a gust of wind that
topples the pot I am drying
on the fence post;
two crows flying over our roof;
anything, really


  1. This leaves me speechless Vivi.. very powerful words!

  2. Thank you... means much coming from someone so artistic and creative :)